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I should once again apologize for my lack of posts.  Life has been immensely stressful over the last 2 months.  It’s been hard to find both the time and the words to share what is going on with us.

After weeks of struggling to get home repairs completed, laying new flooring and massive amounts of cleaning we FINALLY had the Social Worker in to do our Home Study for the adoption.  The house was no where near completion, and for the last week we have only been focusing on “Brenna” areas of the house.  We were stressed over getting cabinets wiped out, and switch plates back on the upper light switches and little piddly things that I don’t think Tina the social worker even noticed.  She didn’t want or need to see the non-Brenna areas and was only concerned that we had baby proof locks on lower cabinets with chemical and working smoke detectors.

Now all we have to do is wait for our court date.  I had hoped that K and I would be able to co-parent, and it’s become obvious over the last several months that it’s just not going to work out like I had it planned in my head.  K wants to be Momma and she doesn’t wish to share that legal role with anyone else.  I can’t blame her, I would feel the same way if the roles were reversed.  I have concerns about her abilities to be a single parent, but I’m going to have “let go and let God” as the saying goes.  I will be attempting to push my control issues to the side and be the best “Nanu”(aunt) anyone ever had.

The FUN:

We did Easter pictures with real live Rescue Rabbits!  Easter2014-Vintage-oval-rabbit1Easter2014-blue chair1Easter2014-Screen-crop1

I think by far we had the most photogenic child 🙂

We have already decided that we will be doing this again next year!  A great fund raiser for the Bunnies and adorable pictures!  I should note that the first two pictures were edited/augmented by yours truly 🙂  Originally the chair was a horrible avocado green.  Blue is vastly superior 🙂

CRAWLING!!  Brenna has (finally) decided that crawling is the way movement should be accomplished.  She has also mastered going from a sitting position down to her belly and back again.  These are things that I was starting to worry about.  The once beloved bouncer is now a disdained confine-r of persons.

Sign Language – We started signing to Brenna about 6 weeks ago and we are starting to see her attempt to sign back to us!  She is signing “Nanu”, a variation of the sign for “aunt” which is ME 🙂  She is also signing “eat”, “sleep”, “more” and possibly “play”  being just shy of 10 months old it is a bit of a guessing game sometimes and we have to watch and see if she repeats a motion we think is a sign from her.

I’ll have more soon I hope 🙂  Thanks for sticking around 🙂