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Life has been hectic as always.  We are trying to get the house in order for our home study visit which is just over a week away!  I knew the house was in bad shape, but the craziness of life tends to make me overlook everything but the dangerous stuff.   I’ve ignored the junk room that I can barely walk into and the closets which hold just about everything but clothes!  But I have a social worker coming to peer into all of these spaces and they have to be at least tidy if not spotless.  There is so much to be done!!! It is more then a little over whelming.  I’m fighting my brains desire to just shut down and not deal with it…but I know I HAVE to deal with it…so Sunday & Monday I will be painting, scrubbing, and purging with abandon.

We have all been fighting the yearly, allergy induced, bronchitis.  I hate coughing.  it’s almost worse than vomiting.  The pine pollen got me so bad I had to break out my emergency inhaler and use it regularly for more than a week. I am on week 3 and while I’m back to 85% the cough just holds on tight.

Brenna turned 9 months old last week!! I can’t believe how time has flown by.  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital not even weighing 5 lbs. She is slightly delayed in some areas, but nothing that she won’t make up given a few more months.  The Doctor discovered a heart murmur at her check up and we have a Cardiologist appointment on Monday.  It is unlikely that is it anything serious as it has never been heard before, but better safe than sorry!  The Cardiologist will rule out anything major.

Tomorrow we are going to have Easter pictures done with real live bunny rabbits!  Our local Rabbit Rescue has teamed up with a great photographer and one of the local antique stores and we are having photos with a vintage feel done 🙂  Luckily we are “vintage-y” type people and Brenna has several adorable outfits that will fit the theme to a ‘T’.

Somehow I decided that this was Easter Weekend and she wore her Easter dress a week early.  OOPS. Brenna9monthsEasterDress3Brenna 9months Easter Dress1