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I’ve done well the last few days.  I’m keeping my calorie count between two and three thousand.  I’ve found in the past if I drop below 1800 that my wonderful body goes into starvation mode and I turn every calorie I can into fat.  It’s not good.

I’m working to up my protein and water intake as these are my biggest issues aside of sweets of course.  I tend to stay in a constant state of dehydration.

This morning for breakfast I made myself a small steak and fried eggs. for lunch I had 2 PB & J sandwiches…I know not the best choice, but it was low sugar jam and easy to fix.  I had a carton of greek yogurt for an afternoon snack and now I’m debating what to make for dinner.  I have a friend coming over this evening so I know we will do a bit of snacking then…but…

I’ve got to get a new battery for my scale and start my weight spreadsheet so I will have an accurate number for reference.  comparing weekly averages is really the only accurate way to track weight loss.  For those who don’t know how here is a basic break down of the way it goes 🙂  You weigh yourself at roughly the same time every morning and put the number into a spreadsheet or into a book what ever is easier for you.  Here is what my numbers MIGHT have looked like if I had weighed this week.

Sunday 371; Monday: 370; Tuesday 365; Wednesday 369; Thursday 367; Friday 369; Saturday 369

You now add up all 7 days which gives you a total of: 2580 lbs

You now divide the total pounds by the number of days and that gives you the average weight for the week. so 2580/7=368.5 lbs averaged weight for the week.

I like using a spreadsheet for this as you can create a point graph after several weeks to actually SEE the decrease. 🙂  I’m pretty visual so that gives me extra motivation(usually).

Crossing my fingers that I can find the money to join the ‘nice’ gym with all of the hydro classes…but will have to wait and see on that one.