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I have been focused on selfishness and my behavior a lot in the past few weeks…I’ve been struggling with my prayers of late as well. It’s been hard not to just give in and say a basic rout prayer and move on with my day.

A large part if me wants to give in to the “poor pitiful me” feeling I’ve been fighting since Christmas, but I know there are people out there, some of them even my friends, who are in such worse places in their lives then I am. I have a decent job that I usually enjoy and a roof over my head, a car and money to put gas in it. I have great friends who listen to me complain about my crazy family even though I don’t take their advice usually.

My dear friend Cassandra wrote a post a few weeks ago about Faith,  and I find myself reading and re-reading it.  There is something there that I have searched and reached to find for a long time and it seems to elude me on a regular basis…or perhaps to be more accurate I always give up short of finding it.

In an effort to not make myself the focus, for the next several weeks I am going to pick a friend and their family to lift up in prayer.