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I got the call yesterday evening.  J signed the papers! Brenna will be legally our child sometime in the next 12 weeks depending on how quickly we push things through.  We are just waiting to hear if Kirstin and I will both be able to adopt or if it will just be me.  I have mixed feelings on all of it.  I’m worried about how Kirstin is going to deal with it emotionally if she isn’t able to adopt Brenna,  the plan was for her to be “Momma” to my Aunt “Nanu”…I’m also worried about how we are going to make things works no matter which way things work out…I can’t see Kirstin and I continuing to live together long term with a child.  I had figured that by the time Brenna was two or three they would have moved over closer to my parents.  So many things to figure out! 



IF we a both adopt, Brenna will be her own First Cousin.