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J, Brenna’s Bio mom, contacted her Uncle(my cousin) at New Years and said that she would sign what ever paperwork they wanted to make to make their guardianship of the 3 year old in their care permanent.  My cousin J called us and very graciously offered to pay all of the legal fees for both of the girls to be adopted at the same time, that we could pay them what we could afford, but they would cover it all up front if we wanted to go ahead and adopt Brenna NOW!!

He agreed to use my Lawyer since he did such an amazing job with our Guardianship Order.  For the last week I’ve been playing phone tag with the Lawyer trying to figure out if this is all   I finally got a call back from him this morning!

Pretty much it goes like this: If we file the request for termination forms that J would sign giving up all rights to both her daughters the court will not approve those forms without knowing that the girls will be adopted soon.  He believes that Kirstin and I CAN adopt jointly…which would give Brenna two Mommies…not sure how I feel about that scenario.  The other option would be I would adopt singlely.   Not sure how I feel about that one either.  The plan has been from the beginning that Kirstin would be “Momma” and I would be “Nanu” the live-in Auntie.  This was done mainly for my sanity and to save drama.  I’m ok being Momma, I’m just not sure how Kirstin would deal.  Due to finances Kirstin wouldn’t meet the income requirements on her own to adopt, otherwise that’s what we would be doing.

We have to complete a full homestudy with finger prints and background checks and references…my house is a disaster!!  I have no flooring and drywall that needs to be replaced, ceilings that need to be scraped down and painted and painting to finish!  I’ve put out the SOS to several wonderful friends and we will be doing frantic home repairs for the next few weeks!!

I’m both terrified and excited all at the same time!!  I’ll update when I know more!

Oh, and your cute pictures for the day: Grandma made Brenna a Cabbage Patch Kid Hat lol Brenna CPH 1-20-14 Brenna CPH 1-20-14a