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Feeling frustrated with my lawsuit.  I know I shouldn’t but there are so many good things that I could do with my settlement money NOW.

Originally the intake person with my law firm told me 12 months start to finish…well this is month 15 and we are no closer then when the papers were filed in October of 2012.  I know at this point it is NOT going to take 5 years…but it might take another year.  God forbid it take two.

I was so much to be debt free, but without that settlement it will be a VERY long time coming to climb out of this hole that I have dug for myself.  I want to get new flooring for my house, I want to fence in my HUGE backyard for the dogs instead of the tiny front yard they are stuck in now.  I want to pay off my house so that I can take a few days off work without worry that I won’t be able to cover the mortgage…I want to be able to give my friends money!!!!!!!!  I have dear, sweet, wonderful, slightly crazy(yes Jeff I mean you) friends who need money for an adoption and I would LOVE to be able to give it to them..but I can’t 😦 because Bayer still has it!!!  I want to be able to say YES when approached about taking a dog into care without worrying if it will need more than basic vet care.


Maybe I’m just tired.