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It’s hard to believe but Brenna is already 6 months old!

Here are a few pictures so show our newest exploits 🙂

Right after Christmas we drove thru Santa Land, which is a Large drive through park with several million lights.  Some are set to flash to music and others just form scenes and pictures.  Brenna was entralled, and it was a HUGE plus to her that we let her out of the evil car seat and lean out the window! Brenna Santa Land Dec 2013

We have also learned that grown ups eat stuff that doesn’t come in a bottle and that too fascinates us 🙂   Spoons and cups are a big hit.  She also thinks she should be able to pound on Nanu’s wireless keyboeard and eat the TV remote. (FYI i’m Nanu) Brenna 6m Spoon

Great Aunt Lucy was horrified to discover that we didn’t have a proper “Coat” and just sweaters and hoodies.  So we got this as a Christmas present from her and little Cousin Vivie(who outgrew a lot of her clothes before she even got to wear them!).Brenna 6m Red Coat

Grandma was worried that Momma and Nanu were going to let us freeze to death so she made us a new hat!  This is our “Official” 6 month picture 🙂 Brenna 6 months

Sorry everyone…the “Royal We” slipped in there and we just left it 😛

There has been some changes within the family as it relates to Brenna and her sister B, but I can’t really talk about them yet, but I hope I can share with you soon!!!!  Keep us in your prayers as some very hefty decisions are being made about the Girls.

It’s strange how time can seem extremely slow and dizzily fast all at the same time!  It seems like yesterday that I brought Brenna home from Hospital, and at the same time it seems so terribly distance and long ago.

I can’t wait to see what this New Year is going to bring us 🙂