A rescue friend posted this to Facebook today, and it just about made my cry. This is my life to a small degree. Trying to explain to people why I can’t save THEIR dog this time. Why that dog had to be euthanized instead of that one, and why I feel so strongly about backyard breeders and people who MUST have only pure bred pups for their precious monsterkin to ignore in the backyard. I can’t even image how hard it is to be at the heart of a rescue. I am only on the edges of several GREAT ones here in Texas and it’s tough on me!! Don’t be afraid of telling people what you think when you hear them talk about buying a puppy or breeding little Fifi “Just One TIME”…Don’t be afraid to tell people the truth.

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Hello: You have reached… (123) 4556-7890.

Due to the high volume of calls we have been receiving, please listen closely to
the following options and choose the one that best describes you or
your situation:

Press 1 if you have a 10-year-old dog and your 15-year-old son has
suddenly become allergic and you need to find the dog a new home
right away.

Press 2 if you are moving today and need to immediately place your
150 pound, 8-year-old dog.

Press 3 if you have three dogs, had a baby and want to get rid of
your dogs because you are the only person in the world to have a
baby and dogs at the same time.

Press 4 if you just got a brand new puppy and your old dog is having
problems adjusting so you want to get rid of the old one right away.

Press 5 if…

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