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When I was in college(the first time) I had a doctor tell me that I should take up smoking. Yes a doctor. His thought was that it was better to get cancer at some point than to be fat and smoking would make me eat less. So, I started smoking. Luckily it didn’t really take and at my high point I was smoking about 4 cigarettes a day…I know such a heavy smoker! I mainly quit because I didn’t see the point in spending money on cigarettes and dealing with the smell AND being fat. Of course it seems like on most of my jobs I’m surrounded by smokers.

A few weeks ago, one of my clients was informed that he MUST stop smoking. So I started looking into alternatives and of course found that vapor e-cigs are the best option if you don’t really want to quit completely but can’t have the smoke. Aster spending more than 4 hours in their shop, I have become the new unofficial salesgirl for the new vapor retailer in my town, Soho Vapor Salon. The folks at Soho are GREAT!! They took time to explain everything to me in detail and going over various combinations and options. If you are in the Longview TX area stop in and check them out!!

The mechanics: It’s actually pretty neat. There is a small battery that heats up a coil which vaporizes the “e-juice” which is a combination of flavored oils and nicotine. You inhale the vapor which delivers the nicotine into your system and you exhale water vapor. The nicotine level is adjustable with 5 different levels from zero up to 24. I believe that is measured in microns but I’m not sure. You have to replace the coils every couple of weeks depending on how much you vap, as they burn out. Depending on what kind of set up you buy to start with replacements are anywhere from $2-$6.

The “e-juice” comes in more than a hundred different flavors from juicy fruit gum to red bull to mojito and everything in between! My client went with Havana Tobacco and Jamaican Rum. My friend CeCe went with Coffee. There is something there for everyone.

Price: This was where I got worried. IF it is more expensive then buying regular cigarettes it’s not really a viable option as far as I’m concerned. Since I buy cigarettes for my clients I know that a carton of name brands cost about $54 after tax. The average smoker smokes spends about $40 a week on cigarettes. A bottle of e-juice is the rough equivalent of a carton of cigarettes. And here is the kicker, good e-juice is about $10! I’m sorry, if I can go from spending $50+ a week on cigarettes to spending $10-15…I’m in!

I’ve been reading a few articles about vapping for weight loss. Since there is a zero nicotine option this offers a calorie free way of getting a taste of that piece of pie you are craving. I’m seriously considering it as I am an emotional/bored eater. It’s also being used by doctors to help with stress and anxiety. The lowest level of nicotine is not any more addictive then Xanax or Valium and has a more immediate effect since it is inhaled not ingested.

I’m going on Sunday to see a friend who is a long time, heavy smoker and to see if I can get her to switch over too!