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I know I was suppose to do this several weeks ago…I’m bad. But I finally am ready to start!

The first step it to make “Rejuvelac” which is our lactic acid producing bacteria which gives us the “bite” of real cheese. It’s produced by fermenting sprouted wheat. For the last couple of days I’ve been sprouting a cup of soft white wheat berries in a mason jar. Rinsing them several times a day with spring water. This morning after seeing that more then 75% of the berries were sprouted I separated the berries into two mason jars and covered the berries with spring water. They are now covered and sitting on the top shelf of my pantry where it is cool and dark.
IMG_20131127_184418_272-1-1[1]So now they will sit for a day or so fermenting and growing good bacteria…I hope!  I know it’s working as I can see the little bubbles of carbon dioxide coming up through the water.

I had originally planned to start with vegan sour cream, but I haven’t been able to unearth the Vitamix out of storage, so I’m changing my plan to making melt-able, shred-able Cheddar. it’ doesn’t need a high power blender!

Hopefully I should be making cheese on Friday!!  I’ll try and remember to take pictures…I meant to make more pictures of my sprouting progress, but forgot all about the camera.