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My sister does Elder care.  Last week the 99 year old lady that she sits with fell down and hit her head, and had a mild heart attack.  K was not asked to come and sit with her at the hospital even though at least one other worker was.  What was suppose to just be an over night stay has turned into a 10 day hospital stay.

Due to a complete misunderstanding on the manager/schedulers part, K has been left completely off the schedule, while the person who is responsible for the fall, and who has been written up several times for her failure to do her job correctly has been given 50 hours a week!  K is completely frustrated, anger, hurt etc.  She has been given 2 night shifts and has been told she can no longer bring the baby to work with her. Perhaps in a few weeks they will be revising the schedule. She immediately started to stress out about what we are going to do about money. It does no good to tell her not to stress.

While my faith isn’t the strongest and I have major doubts sometimes about God/Religion/Spirituality I know that everything works out somehow and stressing out and making myself sick with it won’t help.  K is much stronger in her faith then I am.  But this has her wigging out COMPLETELY.

So for the praying folks, we could definately use some prayers!  The light at the end of the tunnel has gone out, I’m just praying that God re-lights it be we get creamed by the train.