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I stopped drinking alcohol 2 years ago. No I’m not an alcoholic, but I do have a few in my extended family, and I have an addiction prone personality. I thought it best to stop before it did become a problem, even though I’ve never been truly drunk.

But tonight I’m giving in/up. Tonight…well tonight I’m stressed, sad, and a bit lonely and depressed. So I’m going to do the one thing “they” say not to do. I’m going to sit alone(Thank GOD!!!) at home and drink by myself and take what little bit of stress reduction/relaxation I can get.

I have a single bottle of what a Professor once termed “Jesus Wine” a soft red wine, with about half the alcohol of modern wine. It’s not enough to get me more than slightly relaxed. In fact it may do nothing more than give me heart burn.

My Best Friend, Laura, landed in Hawaii for a 6 night vacation yesterday afternoon…without me 😦 I want/need a vacation so badly! I need to escape from my life, even if only for a few days.

So I’m breaking the seal on the bottle, putting Josh Groban on Pandora and having a good “feeling sorry for myself” cry.