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Brenna turned 4 months old 🙂  This her at Sabbath School wearing the dress that both my sister Kirstin and I cam home from the hospital in!  it’s really more of a spring dress, but it was important for my mom(and me if I’m honest) to see her wear it at least once.  At her current growth rate she might be able to wear it come spring too, it’s still on the large size for her.

ImageI find myself with a million different emotions.  I am so blessed to have this little one in my life.  She can make the saddest day better and she can make me smile and giggle until my cheeks hurt.  But I’m also sad, relived, angry and also a bit hurt.

Brenna’s biological mom, J, has made zero effort to be in contact with us or see Brenna.  The only communication we have had with her since we served her with the notice of suit at the end of August was a short string of private messages on Facebook about her clothes.  However, she has made a trip out to see her older daughter on Halloween.

Pretty much the only form of communication is what we are able to read on Facebook pages.  On October 11th, J’s status changed to “in a relationship” with a new guy we had never heard her talk about before.  According to HIS Facebook page he just ended a relationship with his Baby Momma in September.  He has a 2-3 year old.

When J showed up at the Halloween party, reports say that she didn’t really spend much time with her daughter, but spent the whole evening dragging New Guy around introducing him to call of the Adults/Family Friends as her “fiance'”.

I’m relieved that we haven’t had to deal with J…but I’m sad that she doesn’t feel enough of anything for Brenna to even make an attempt.

So we go on.  Now that Brenna is 4 months old we are going to start sign language with her 🙂 That post will show up soon(?) 🙂