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I’m a quasi vegetarian. I only eat meat a couple of times a month, and in very small quantities, mainly because my family is vegetarian and cooking meat for a single person is harder than you might think especially when you are required to have completely different sets of dishes cause heaven forbid my sister use the same Pyrex dish I baked chicken in to make mac and cheese.  Because we all know that meat germs are indestructible and their contamination can never be removed…but I digress.

I’ve been thinking that for my health it might be time to go back to being strictly vegetarian, and possibly even vegan. But here is my big hold back.



Glorious, wonderful, sometimes holey cheese!  I love cheese! The only cheese I don’t really care for is Pepper Jack, and that because of the Pepper not the cheese 🙂  Creamy Spreadable Brie to nose wrinkling Blue, it’s all GREAT! I equally love Sour Cream, which is almost a cheese 🙂

Vegan “Cheese” on the other hand is gross. Most of it doesn’t melt, and you really can’t do any of the normal things you would do with cheese like shred it or melt it.  What is Pizza with out oozy, melty cheese? Or Lasagna or Enchiladas?  It’s kind of like going from drinking Heineken Beer to drinking Keystone Light…or ordering a gorgeous bottle of Cristal only to be served $3 pink champagne out of a screw top bottle.

But 6 weeks ago, a vegan friend posted a link on Facebook to an article talking about this great new vegan “cheese” cookbook.  Of course now that I want to link to it I can’t find it!  The name of the book is “The Nondairy Formulary” by Skye Michael Conroy.

The woman who wrote the article said that the cheese made from this book actually tasted like CHEESE!  So I decided to give it a try.  On Amazon you can see most of the pages of this book, so before I buy it I’m going to “test drive” it so to speak.  Looking through the book online most of the recipes call for something called “Rejuvelac”  According to the author “Rejuvelac is a non-alcoholic fermented liquid made from sprouted grains” So following the instructions I purchased the starting ingredients!

Organic non-MGO Soft White Wheat Berries from WA

Organic non-MGO Soft White Wheat Berries from WA

I have to admit, I was a bad girl.  I did not try to source my Wheat Berries locally.  I had a gift certificate for Amazon and free shipping, so I didn’t even call and see if my local health food store had these.  I just ordered them from Amazon.com.

So tomorrow I am going to start the fermenting process per Mr. Conroy and hopefully by Tuesday I will have produced Rejuvelac and be ready to make my first batch of vegan “cheese”.