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I couldn’t figure out the title for this post, so I went basic.

If there are any of you who have been in crisis due to my lack of posting this last month I’m sorry! My life has been more than a little insane this month. My sister Kirstin and I have been sharing a computer for almost 6 months now, and to be blunt it bites and/or sucks..in an icky tick-like way…not an “Ohh do that again” way…anyway I digress.

On the Baby Front:

Couldn't pass up the frills :)  Must be cute for Church

Couldn’t pass up the frills ūüôā Must be cute for Church

Brenna has more clothes than she really needs…but who can pass up such cuteness?!?!

We are currently trying to decide what to do with the clothes that she has outgrown…we are genetically persuaded pack rats, so we are fighting the urge to keep it ALL. ¬†Before J left we pulled all of the things she had left behind when she left her parents house out of storage and brought to our place. ¬†There were some cute things, but most of it was very…teen mom. ¬†Is that horribly rude? ¬†I don’t mean it to be, no really I don’t. ¬†Just lots and lots of animal prints and loud colors and onesies with things like “My Mommy loves me best” and “Does this diaper make my butt look big?”…so maybe immature is a better term? ¬†Anyway, we are donating a lot of it, and reselling some of the nicer things at a wonderful little consignment shop we found.

We are FINALLY out of New Born and into 0-3 month sizes!! ¬†Straight 3 month clothes are still a little too big. ¬†If we were still in disposable diapers would still be wearing most of the NB clothes, we need the added length of the 0-3 to make up for the bulky diaper. ¬†Oh yeah, we are in the wonderful cloth diapers about 90% of the time! ¬†We need more inserts made for our Alva diapers, but I’ll get around to it eventually. ¬†We are keeping her in the disposables that people have given us at night time, but when those are gone we will be 100% in cloth.



I was able to capture some great up close face pics of her, a few weeks ago. ¬†This one is my favorite. ¬†I call it her “Duh” face. ¬†I am now sending it out as my reply to family via text message if I think they are asking a stupid question or have done something stupid ūüôā

We went to the Outlets yesterday and Grandma picked up 2 new dresses for her.  One for Christmas and another for just everyday wear.  Pics coming soon!

I had my first parenting failure this last week too. ¬†On Friday I had Brenna with me and we took a client to the grocery store. ¬†When we were finished and headed back to the car I clicked my key fob to pop the trunk and unlock the doors, opened the back door, put Brenna(already in carrier) into the car, dropped my wallet and keys next her her and shut the door to deal with the Bag Boy. ¬†I then tried to open the door to retrieve my keys to discover that I had managed to lock Brenna and the keys in the car! ¬†Luckily it was cool and rainy so I didn’t completely freak and break out my window. ¬†I had my phone in my pocket so I called the lock smith and he told me it would be at least 30 minutes before he could get someone to me, but that since a child was involved the fire department would come out and unlock it for me, just to call 911…So, I swallowed my pride and called 911. ¬†I had a very nice Police Woman and a Fire Engine there within 5 minutes. ¬†The very nice Firemen unlocked the car with minimal laughter.


For the last couple of months I have been seeing paw prints on the hood of my car and my windshield. ¬†Couldn’t figure out how they were getting there as we have no outside cats and they seemed too small for any of the dogs that could ¬†jump high enough to get up there. ¬†On Thursday I looked out the window and saw this:

Naptime for McCoy

Naptime for McCoy

McCoy10-21-13That is McCoy, our doxie beagle mix.  I guess I can now add Car Napping to his impressive resume of canine skills.  McCoy is the bane of our rabbit community.  He is all hound and can run like the wind chasing down terrified bunnies.  The down side to being a great rabbit hunter is two fold, running uses up a lot of energy and wild rabbits have a very high parasite load.  McCoy usually looks like he is half starved despite getting more than his share at chow time.  Sometimes I think he does it because he know that 5 days of treats come with each worming cycle.

Penny Face1A foster comes and goes!

¬†We had one of our fastest turn around times with a foster! ¬†Adorable Penny only spent a month at our house before going to her new Momma in Houston. ¬†I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see a dog go! She was sweet, but she was constantly under foot…there were times I thought that she was trying to kill me.

Everything Else:

As with most things in life there is never enough time or money ūüôā ¬†I have been able to pick up another client and will now be working 33 hour weeks, which with my drive time makes it 45..but it will be nice to have the extra come payday.

I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with Momma K(my sister) she is in uber momma mode and is driving me INSANE. ¬†She is EXTREMELY touchy and any little thing makes her angry and sets her off. ¬†She has a memory like an Elephant, and I don’t. ¬†Right now my memory is bad, really bad. ¬†It’s one of the more insidious symptoms of PCOS. ¬†I’m taking vitamins and herbs to try and counter it…the thing is you have to remember to take the memory pills. It drives her crazy that I can’t remember a grocery list that we talked about 2 hours ago. ¬†She really thinks that I do all of these things on purpose to annoy her. ¬†I don’t. ¬†I have enough going on in my life that I don’t ¬†need her pissed off and yelling at me.

I haven’t heard anything about my case against Bayer. ¬†I’m going to send an email to my lawyer this evening and ask for an update. ¬†They were suppose to start back up settlement agreements the first of September. ¬†Last October they told me that expected that I would have a signed settlement by the end of this summer and my first payment by Christmas. ¬†We have been putting life on hold a bit with the thought that I will have settlement money in soon. ¬†If we are looking at another year I need to know and plan accordingly!