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This morning Kirstin & I were awarded permanent guardianship of Brenna!!  

It went really quick.  Court started at 9 am.  Took 6 minutes for the Judge to grant some woman a divorce, as her now ex-husband didn’t show up to court.  Then we had our turn.  I spent 5 minutes answering yes/no questions for the lawyer, Kirstin was asked if she agreed with the statements I made and the Judge signed the order!  We have been awarded $300 a month in child support(which we will never see), supervised visitation which J is required to pay for, and what amounts to a restraining order. J is not allowed to contact us for any reason other than to set up visitation, she isn’t allowed to threaten us or send her friends to harass us etc.  The Judge and our Lawyer spent a few minutes quibbling over some of the wording in our order, but in the end the Judge signed the order.  We were handed copies of the court order and we were outside and headed to our car by 9:30.

The 2nd Blessing is that part of the order is that J has to pay $1000 in legal fees,  I assumed this would be in addition to the $2800 we agreed to pay the lawyer.  At this point we have only given him $1000 and were going to make payment arrangements for the remainder.  As we were leaving I asked Bo, the lawyer, when I would be hearing from his office about making arrangements for the rest of his fee.  He told me that we would owe him nothing else!!  I just smiled and said “Wonderful, Thank You” and walked away.  I should have asked if that meant he had billed $2000 so the $1000 J has to pay makes up the difference or if he only billed $1000 and we will be getting a refund check.  Either way we are EXTREMELY BLESSED!!!!!!!  Next October we can file to have J’s parental rights terminated and adopt Brenna if that is what we wish to do…for now we are just thankful to have a bit of security and know that Brenna is going to stay safe here with us.

We went straight to Kinko’s and made copies of the court order to turn into all of the different people who need copies.  CPS received the first one!  NO MORE CPS!! Our worker was very nice, but I’m glad to be finished and not have a stranger in my house 🙂  And now we can put up the crib bumpers 🙂 🙂