Okay People, This is why we microchip!! This is a GREAT rescue group too 🙂

Everything Husky ~ Siberian and Snow Dogs

Things shouldn’t happen this way but unfortunately they do.  13 months ago, Sienna was enjoying a walk with her family when she decided to pop off her collar.  As mischievous huskies learn, you can go on a quicker adventure if you weren’t on the other end of the leash.  Sienna’s family,Want ad by son Ms. Cook, her young son, and her hu-sister, searched desperately for her till it was dark.  Flyers went up immediately.  Facebook notifications were everywhere.  Even Craigslists ads were made everyday.  She was sighted by a few people romping around, entering stores, and meeting strangers to say hi.  While Ms. Cook was handing out flyers, she got great news that an Air Force Instructor had recently found a husky matching Sienna’s description.

Ms. Cook gave the students her number and to her dismay, the instructor called her the next morning and told her that a man had claimed the husky…

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