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HIPPA Disclaimer: All personal information, including name and photograph, divulged in this blog post about my “client” Antonio has been approved by Antonio.

Today I took one of my clients, Antonio, out to Dallas to attend the War Birds on Parade Car Show. It is hosted by the Dallas Fort Worth Wing of the Commemorative Air Force. They had a great selection of planes from various wars including the oldest FLYING B-24A “Liberator” left. There is one other that is still flying but it was made several years after the one at the show. They had several Vietnam era helicopters, and several planes that you could pay to take rides in. That was way out of our price range 🙂

Antonio posing with Diamond Lil

Antonio posing with Diamond Lil


They also had a car show which is what we really came to see. I had hoped that since this was an armed forces type event we would see more “classic” style cars. Unfortunately it seemed like the entire “Lone Wolf Mustang Club” was in attendance. I have nothing against Mustangs…I would LOVE to own a classic one…but there were 10 or 15 modern ones there showing off what ever extra tidbits they had added onto the motors…just not my cup of tea.

Sadly, Antonio and I do NOT share the same taste in cars…His favorites are the poor classic cars that have been chopped, stripped, lifted, dropped and chromed within an inch of not being able to tell it was a beautiful classic at some point. The gaudier the paint color and the bigger the flames the happier Antonio is. 🙂

That use to be a Ford! This car was NOT at the show, it's just an example of what Antonio loves.

That use to be a Ford! This car was NOT at the show, it’s just an example of what Antonio loves.

Here are a couple of pictures of cars that were actually at the show that I liked 🙂


Ok, this next one isn’t a classic, but I would sure like to have it 🙂 🙂


It’s a 2009 Chevy HHR “Woody” style 🙂 It’s even for sale!!

Overall it was a great couple of hours at the show.  If it hadn’t been 103F air temperature I would have liked it a WHOLE lot more.  It has to be at least 115F out on the black tarmac where all of planes were!  Thankfully, there was plenty of ice cold water available and a large hanger to provide shade and a place to sit while waiting.  Luckily I still had my large umbrella in the car so I didn’t have too worry too much about sunburn.

Antonio probably would have stayed out looking at cars until he passed out from Heat Stroke if I would have let him.  I finally had to call it a day after 2 1/2 hours.  I always feel like I am ripping the guys off when we do trips out because we spend most of our day driving back and forth and just a few short hours actually doing something.  One of the perils of living the country life I guess!