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It’s hard to believe that Brenna is now 8 weeks old! It seems like a year ago that she was born, but just yesterday that she only weighed 5lbs!

This last month has come close to being the most stressful of my life. While my heart knows that God is in control of this situation, my head wants to take over and run the show. I’ve allowed midnight feedings and dirty laundry to change my routine, and I haven’t been as faithful about my devotion time as I should be, but God is ever faithful.

It seems that when ever I get down, or upset the perfect verse or quote appears in my path!

This beautiful song by Sarah Groves has become our theme song around here. If you have never heard of her, I highly suggest that you pick up one of her CDs (Conversations was my first!) she is a wonderful Christian artist.

On the Brenna Front:

We have hired a lawyer and our suit for Guardianship is moving forward.  We expect to be in front of a Judge before the end of September.  I like our lawyer, he is very up front and tells you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.  He is also a man of Faith, and that gives us some comfort too.  At his request we will be limiting the information we post about Brenna until after our court date.

J has made contact with us, but we haven’t seen her in almost 2 weeks, and she hasn’t asked to see the baby.  It’s been hard to talk and deal with her as I find myself so angry.  I can’t imagine walking away from my 4 week old baby and not seeing her for almost 5 weeks and acting like everything is ok, and CPS isn’t threatening to put her into Foster Care.  I’m suppose to meet J tomorrow to give her a few of her clothes…will have to see if she really shows up or not.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for us in this trying situation!  We have received great comfort knowing that there are people out there that we don’t even know personally who are praying for our situation and that God’s Will can be worked our in lives.