We met with J on Sunday(11th) afternoon and talked for almost 2 hours.
Supposedly, my cousin JH, who is J’s uncle/adopted Dad sent J the link to our fund raising web page and told her that we where planning on adopting Brenna and if she wanted to keep her baby she needed to make contact immediately.  We are still waiting to hear if that is what really happened or not.
WHAT WE DO KNOW: J had breakfast on Sunday with her ‘parents’ and her 2 1/2 year old daughter. They bought her a new prepaid cell phone and 3 months of minutes for it. They are going to allow her back into their home for visits with the older daughter (she hasn’t been welcome for several months).

WHAT WE DON’T KNOW: If all the things that J says that her ‘parents’ said are accurate or not. According to her they believe that Brenna is better off in J’s care, sober or not, than for her to be under our guardianship. They have forgiven J for everything and are going to let her spend more time with the daughter they have guardianship of. They are going to help J with living expenses. These are all things that they have said in the past they are not going to do…so we aren’t sure what to believe at the moment.

OUR MEETING WITH J: We didn’t hold back too many punches. We presented J with 4 basic options. #1 sign over guardianship, to get rid of CPS, and move back into the house with us and go to college, work, & rehab.
#2 Get back in compliance with CPS, move back in and jump thru their hoops and hope they don’t take Brenna.
#3 Sign over guardianship to another responsible adult and move Brenna out of our home immediately.
#4 Find another place to live with Brenna that CPS will approve of and all of the people there can pass the required back ground checks and move Brenna out of our home immediately.

We were upfront with her that we would prefer option #1 as that gave Brenna the most protection. She picked option #2.

CPS asked us not to let her see Brenna until after they have a chance to see J face to face, which appears to be happening on Thursday. They HIGHLY suggested that we not allow J to move back into our home until after we have a “family planning meeting”.  They also suggested that we quickly finish the home repairs that we need to make to be able to be come a foster home..we read between the lines on all those things and get the idea that CPS is expecting to take this baby into care.

most of the donors who gave us money for our legal expenses have told us to use the money as we see fit. For the last year and a half we have been living with just the sub flooring in our home. We pulled up the carpet and haven’t been able to replace it yet so now we’re looking at quick short term options for making the floors look good and make CPS happy!  we think we have found a low cost option that will work for about 6 months and I think that’s all we probably need.

AS OF AUGUST 21st: J skipped both her doctors appointment and her meeting with CPS. CPS has lead us to believe that if we do not have guardianship by the first part of the month they will be moving Brenna into a foster home. So yesterday we signed the contract with our new lawyer and he will start the paperwork. Hopefully we will have a court date by the end of  next week.

Several family members have taken exception to how we have handled this…since they aren’t really communicating we aren’t sure what they are up set over.

Kirstin and I just continue to pray that God shows us the path we are to take and the strength we need to follow it!

We are still fund raising as the lawyer will be expecting another check soon!