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It’s been 3 days since I sent out my first plea for financial help to my friends on Facebook, and a little more then 24 hours since I posted it here on WordPress.

I can’t believe the response we have received! We are currently 16.8% towards our goal of $5500!!! Thank you so much for those of you who have donated or who have passed on our page link to our donation site!! When I set it up I was hoping that over the course of a few weeks I might raise enough money to at least cover my gas money to get back and forth to the lawyer. I never really expect my friends and family to reach out and gift us with more then $800 so far!!

Thank you so much for your love and support! Please continue to share our “No Foster Care for Brenna!” page how every you can and please continue to send your thoughts and prayers our direction!!

We Love Ya’ll!! Shana, Kirstin & Brenna πŸ™‚