So…Cousin J went out to watch movies at a friends house on the 28th and never came home. She borrowed my car and my cell phone, so she could check on the baby and left with the understanding that she would return by Midnight. Midnight came and went with no J, car, or cell, in sight. Monday the 29th found me getting up early so that I could go with my sister K to work with the Baby. I finally gave in to the urge, and called my cell phone. Of course it went to voice mail after a few rings. About 15 minutes later J sent a text to K’s phone. it went along the lines of: So sorry, fell asleep just now woke up be right home. So we sent a message back. “Fine, we have already left the house, will be back later this afternoon.” We got home about 4:30 and there was no J, car, or cell. At this point I’m pretty ticked off…what kind of mother is gone 24+ hours and doesn’t even text and ask about their 4 week old baby?!?!

At 6:30am Tuesday morning I started getting what I would call ‘drunk texts’ on my Facebook messenger. Here is a small taste of the messages I received for most of the day.

The Real Shit Let EM Read Your Blogs Cause ObviouslyyYou Didn’t Have Faith In Me At AllI’ll Always Be A Part Of Her I Gave Birth To Her Held Her Watched Her Sleep And Me Look At Her And Say That’s My Miracle I made Not You And You Can’t Take That From Me Never Cause In The End Shell Always Be My Baby I Lived It IDo Mess Up But Everything I Say I’ll Say To Your Face Not Run Right A Blog Bout It ThEn Look Everybody In The Eyes And Lie To EM Make Me Out To Be The Monster Cause Im Woman Enough To Say It To You Im Dropping The Car Off Don’t Come Talk To Me Cause You Disgust Me Right Now Honestly You Have Slowly RIped My Heart Ou Well You Got It Girls Y’all Finally Broke Me Cause Im Already A Failure In Your Eyes And Everybody Else In My Family Soo INS Even Be Nice And Sen This Exact Coco With You No Photo Shop No Can Long Accounts Cause She Already Has Every Blog You Ever Wrote..Be Sure Your Sons Will Find You Out And Eventually They do

Apparently J got into my WordPress app on my cell phone and read my last post about her and the baby. To me no biggie…those are ALL things that I would say to her face if I thought it would do any good…

To make a LONG post a bit shorter…J blew off the CPS planning meeting we had set up from Tuesday afternoon. CPS told us that if we had any interest in keeping Brenna with us we needed to hire a lawyer and file for Guardianship ASAP. They wouldn’t tell us outright what they will do, but we were left with the distict impression that Brenna would be placed into the Foster Care System and that we would not be the #1 placement choice. Probably due to the Social Worker’s apparent dislike for our dogs…who knows.

She returned my car and cell phone Tuesday evening. We did not let her stay in the house for the night, we told her that she could not come back to stay until she had called the Social Worker and rescheduled her missed meeting. Not once in the last 8 days has she asked about the baby, asked to see the baby nothing…it’s all been about her.

SO…we contacted a very good lawyer…who things we will have no problems in gaining guardianship and possibly even adopting Brenna at some point if we wish. BUT, before the lawyer will take our case, we have to give her a $5000 retainer. We don’t have that kind of money…we are slowly getting our financial lives put back together after a lot of dumb mistakes in our twenties. So in an effort to get the money together for the lawyer, I started a donations page over at the direct link is: We are trying to raise a total of $5500. We already have $355 in donations!! It is so exciting. The over all goal is to have this funded and the paperwork started before the 1st of September.

Please share this page with your friends, family co-workers!! I know this is a lot of money, and part of me can’t even believe I’m asking people to help with something like this…but I can’t do it on my own.