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Well, I know I didn’t do a follow up about my cousin J…just to catch everyone up from my most about her coming home(here)she did NOT come home as planned.  Instead she disappeared for another 3 weeks. Missing 2 more doctors appointments.

She finally reached out to me a week ago at 2 am asking me if I would come and get her and bring her home.  We put on conditions on her staying…but I was very hard pressed to make her comply.  I just can’t imagine turning out an 8 month pregnant girl, even if she was taking advantage and playing on my sympathies(so my sister says).  She has been pretty miserable this whole pregnancy, but she has been very uncomfortable this last week.

We thought on Thursday she was in labor, but she was only dilated to 1cm so they sent us home.  After a very long weekend,and an ok from the doctor on Monday, J decided she was done being pregnant.  Even thought she is only 37 weeks she decided it was time Baby B make her appearance.  

She was successful in her inducing efforts and we came into the Hospital at 9:30pm on July 2nd.  It is now 4am and the nurse tells us that one way or another Baby B should be here in another couple of hours.  

The crib isn’t set up, I don’t have the house clean enough, but at least I have the basics!  Cause like it or not she is on the way!