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super-sweet-blogger-awardMy blogger buddy Deb, over at her blog, Unexpectedincommonhours nominated me for the Super Sweet Blogger Award!

Part of the award is to answer a few questions about my sweet tooth lol so here it goes:

1) Cookies or cake? Both? I would take a good soft, chewy peanut butter & oatmeal cookie over most any cake!

2) Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate!  There is this great bar I’ve been getting at my local health food store, it’s organic dark chocolate with little chunks of crystallized ginger.

3) Favorite sweet treat? Peanut Patties.  I know they aren’t anything but Spanish peanuts, sugar & red dye…but they are one of my all time favorites.

4) When do you crave sweet things the most?  Of late, it’s been in the evening about 7:30-9:00pm when you know you shouldn’t eat anything else, BUT…

5) Sweet nick name?  I’ve never been one for nick names.  Occasionally my brother will call me Shana Banana.  It is usually to incite a sibling war of some kind!

At this point I’m suppose to nominate a bunch of other bloggers…but to be honest, I don’t read a lot of blogs that I would tag back with something like this!  most of the ones I follow are are more of a one way thing 🙂  So I’m going to pass on, passing this on….

Thank You Deb for nominating me, I’m glad you enjoy reading my ramblings 🙂