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As part of my morning devotional time, I have decided that I need to start memorizing Scriptures again.  As a child I knew quite a few, but I let the practice slip away from me.

So I am starting with 1 Samuel Chapter 2, Hannah’s Prayer.  I’m taking it slowly as my memory is not what it use to be, just a single verse at a time.  Here’s the part I’ve got so far…I decided to use the Complete Jewish Bible for this passage, I think it reads a bit more true to life perhaps…

Then Hannah prayed; saying

My heart exults in Adonai!
My dignity has been restored by Adonai!
I can gloat over my enemies
because of my joy at your saving me.
No one is as holy as Adonai,
because there is none to compare with you,
no rock like our God.
Stop your proud boasting!
Don’t let arrogance come from your mouth!
For Adonai is a god of knowledge,
and he appraises actions.

I find if I don’t vary my morning devotional time, my mind wanders away from what I’m reading or trying to focus on…and all of a sudden I realize I don’t have a clue what I have been reading for the last 2 or 3 pages.  I’m slowly starting to build up my devotional time in the mornings…right now it is lasting from 25-40 minutes depending on what I’m doing/reading.

I know there are a few of you out there who will read this, and have devotional lives…what do you do?  how do you keep yourself tuned in?