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For those of you who don’t know about my ordeal with Bayer’s Beyaz birth control pill and it’s horrible side effects, you can read it over here, I’m the first “comment” 🙂

I learned from my Law Firm that my case against Bayer will go for settlement either May 28th or June 25th.  Without speaking with the Lawyer himself, they couldn’t tell me which meeting.  The Assistant that I have worked with from the beginning  didn’t have any other information for me.

Other law firms have confirmed that cases for basic Pulmonary Embolisms(PE) and Deep Vein Thombosis(DVT) are still being settled in the low 200k range.  The highest one I have personally heard of was 225k. That is total, not take home.  Most of us are going to walk away with 40-50% of the settlement after the Lawyer and Insurance get their cuts off the top.  If I get a settlement of 225K I can expect to walk away with about 110k

So here is the first set of math…

Settlement: $110,000
Tithe & Donations: -$15,000
Hospital Bills: -$3000
Student Loans -$12,000
Personal Loans: -$10,000
Mortgages: -$48000
Car: -$11,000
Remaining Balance: $11,000

Don’t get me wrong this puts me and my sister K, COMPLETELY out of debt and pays off not only my house, but the last 10k of my parents home as well…but 11k doesn’t even come CLOSE to covering the cost of what it would cost me to have a child now.

An International adoption would cost anywhere from $30,000 up to $80,000 depending on which country I adopted from and how long I would have to travel.  Some countries require you to stay a month or more in country.

If I were to use a surrogate to have a biological child you are look at a cost of at least $75,000 and you can expect it to be much closer to $100,000.

Assuming that Mr. Right arrives and sweeps me off my fat little feet, and he wants to have beautiful children with me, we would want to have at least 2 and possible 3…we are talking about $300k assuming we don’t have multiples!  Where is that money going to come from? ??

It has better come from Bayer…because THEY are the ones who put this drug out on the market, and THEIR drug is the reason I don’t have a uterus.

So what is the price of a Uterus?

I’m thinking a cool Million as a settlement is a good start.  That would let me walk away with 500k, which would give me enough money to pursue several international adoptions or have a child or two via surrogate.

(as a rational note, I will be very thankful if I walk away with only 20k as this would allow me to get out from under my hospital debt and my student loans…but I’m praying hard for a big number!)