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New Addition:   For the last year my 21 year old cousin, J, has lived with us.  She asked to move in with us after a long line of poor life style decisions, and an abusive boyfriend.  She has a 2 year old who has been living for the last 18 months with J’s Aunt & Uncle who took J in and raised her from the age of 11.


J came to me the end of January and informed me she was 4-6 weeks pregnant and that she and the father hadn’t planned for it to happen, but they were happy about it.  Two weeks later she called me to the ER where she thought she was having a miscarriage  ALONE, no Baby-daddy insight.  In the course of events we discovered she was not having a miscarriage and she was not 4-6 weeks, she was 16 weeks pregnant. She is one of the rare women who have light periods through their first trimester!

So we are now scrambling to get things in place for Baby B. to arrive the end of July!

As I struggle to be supportive, I am attempting to prepare myself to parent a baby who may have some major special needs.  I know that during the first trimester J was doing some binge drinking, and I’m fairly sure she was still on some heavy duty psych meds, none of which is good for a baby.

While age wise J is 21, in many ways she is a 12-14 year old in her thinking and logic skills.  Everything in her life must be drama and it must revolve around her.  If some lie comes out of her mouth it becomes reality to her…she can say “The sky is pink” and you will NEVER convince her that the sky is really blue, even if you had the top scientist in the world tell her.  Most days I just want to grab her, give her a slap and a hard shake and scream at her “WAKE UP, look what you are doing to the child you already have, and look at what you are doing to this one!”

New Hours:    Lisa, the owner of the company I work for, had brain surgery at the end of January for a cancerous tumor.  She has been in the hospital with complications, and was finally  moved to an intensive rehab facility just last week.  Due to her being out of the office, I have been trying to pick up the slack and help keep things on track as I know the systems she worked with(I did her job for another company at my last job).  The two gentlemen that I take care of have also requested that I start spending more time with them as well.  So I have gone from a 15 hour week up to a 30 hour week(on top of all of the dog rescue stuff).

Old Enemy:     Death has reared it’s ugly head among my hound puppies and I lost 3 of them.  At first I thought I had an outbreak of the dreaded Parvo, as the puppies were vomiting and had diarrhea.  My biggest boy died before I even knew he was sick, and another boy and girl quickly followed.

I was able to get some Ringer’s solution and gave SQ fluids to the other two puppies who were acting sick. After 24 hours everyone was back to normal, and the other 4 puppies never showed any signs of sickness.  The only thing the Vet and I could come up with was that perhaps I had some mold in my puppy food, as the 3 puppies who died all ate together, and the two sick pups that survived are my ‘clean up’ crew and eat all the left overs from everyone else’s bowls.

Two weeks after that my Great Pyrenees Female took a trip down to the swamp bottom and never came home.  I can’t find any trace of her.  I’m afraid that she tried to take on a Hog by herself and didn’t survive the encounter.

Every time I have a dog die I swear I’m going to stop doing Rescue, but I never do…there is always another dog I need to try and save.