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Back in October I started on a “Row Robin” through QuiltingBoard.com. A Row Robin, is a “Round Robin” but worked in Rows instead of Rounds 🙂 But I guess that doesn’t explain much if you don’t know what a Round Robin is lol

A Round/Row Robin Quilt is completed by a group of 5-7 quilters.  After laying out basic ground rules(size, shape etc) each quilter picks a theme for their quilt.  In my group we have a wide range from civil war repro to blue flowers(that’s me).  We then have 2 months in which we complete the first row of our theme quilt.  Our Rows have to be a total of 12×60 but it can be any combination you want to make it, as along as it comes out to those dimensions   When we are finished our row is mailed out to the next quilter and they have two months to add their row into ours.  So at the end of June each of the Rows will have made a full Round of the quilters and be complete…or at least mostly 🙂

This was the first row that we have completed for another person.  I have been working on Cuppy’s Dog Theme Quilt.  She has decided to have us leave our rows unattached so that she can go in and add extra rows and sashing if she wants to later on.

Cuppy-EmbroideryCloseupCuppy-Final Row Cuppy-Lousiana Pinwheel Cuppy-Middle Cuppy-Nine Patch

I love to quilt but it always get nervous when I can’t get it to be perfect like I see it in my head. I told the ladies that my embroidered dog was a Rescue dog because he has a gimpy back leg and nose, thanks to broken thread lol

I always feel so inferior in my skills than the other quilters!  I’m hoping to remedy this by joining my local Quilt Guild this month!  Hopefully that will happen (and help!) 🙂