I’ve heard back from the Paralegal assigned to my case.  The lawyers have a meeting in February to go through all of their cases one by one, and hopefully come to settlement agreements. This meeting was suppose to happen in November, and we weren’t sure if all of my paperwork would be ready to go by then or not, since it was pushed back to February my case WILL be discussed, and hopefully a settlement offered.  There is a small chance I will get payment(assuming they settle) by my birthday in May.

This confirms the rumors I had heard that they were doing settlements by law firms not by the actual dates/order of filing..which is good for me since I just filed, but isn’t great for some of those who are with smaller firms and have been waiting so much longer than me.

I have some research to do, but it appears like I may not have a repayment clause with my insurance company so I wouldn’t have to pay them back the 30k they paid out in medical bills. That would be a HUGE thing…I would be able to pretty much pay off my mortage and be completely debt free if that happened…

Just praying for patience, wisdom, and more patience while I wait.

It’s funny.  I know that I’m going to walk away with a small portion of this settlement, but I’m ok with that…I could walk away with anywhere from 15k-100k…the number seems big compared to my current bank account, yet I know it will disappear very quickly lol But I LOVE the idea of being debt free and being able to have an emergency fund AND be able to take a real vacation! It’s hard not to spend it all over and over again in my head 🙂