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As a dog rescuer one of the main precepts I hold dear is “spay & neuter, prevent a litter”.  I’ve failed at this this week.

This is Izzy and those are puppies who should not exist.  Izzy was pulled from our kill shelter a little over a year ago because I had a home lined up for her.  She doesn’t fit the normal profile of dogs that my group works with, but since I knew I had a place for her, we took her.  She only lasted about 8 hours at her new home, so she came and joined my pack.  I was told that she was spayed, and over the last 14+ months she has been here with us I have never seen her go into heat.  About 2 1/2 months ago Izzy and several of the other dogs dug out of the fence and stayed loose for several days.  I was finally able to catch everyone and get them back into the yard/house where they belonged.

Two weeks ago it became apparent that Izzy hadn’t been spayed after all.  On Sunday the 4th, she presented us with 9 little puppies. 6 boys & 3 girls.  There are 3 possible fathers in the neighbourhood, a brown boxer, a black lab, & a black & white cow dog.Until they get to be a bit older I can only guess as to their paternity.

The biggest issue is I’ve failed.  I’ve allowed 9 new puppies to enter the world when there are dozens of dogs being put down in my local shelter every week.  Just hoping I’ll be able to find homes for all of these fellows without a problem.  As with all puppies they sure are cute!