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I admit I had an unusual upbringing.  My parents read to me, taught me to speak correct (non-slang) English, and attempted to teach me manners, table & otherwise.  Included in this was the proper name for body parts.  I didn’t have a belly button, or an innie or an outie, I had a navel, I had a vagina, not a ‘pocket book’ “na-na” or a “down there” my father had a penis, not a ‘thing’ or a ‘peanut’. and finally my mother had ‘breasts’ not “ta-tas” or ‘boobies’.


I do not usually consider myself to be a feminist in the hard core, women are superior beings, men are scum sense of the title.  But I feel there is a common respect and honor due women.  How in the world do you expect to be treated with respect and as an equal with your male counter parts when you can’t even call breasts BREASTS!!??!!  I do not have ‘ta-tas, ‘boobies’, ‘na-nas’,’a ‘rack’, ‘hooters’ or ‘knockers’ I have BREASTS!

I find it both tacky and demeaning to walking around in t-shirts like this:

And the worst one in my book:

Please don’t get me wrong! I support breast cancer awareness, and think we need to raise funds and continue to educate both men and women about doing self exams and being checked for breast cancer.  But why can it not be done without sexualizing cancer survivors and demeaning the people it is meant to save!?!  If I walked around in a “Squeeze a nut, save a life” shirt in support of testicular cancer people would call me crazy and find offense in the shirt…

So in closing, here is my final thought: If you are old enough to HAVE breasts than you are old enough to CALL them BREASTS.  Don’t demean or make women as a whole look weak and stupid be having to call them some silly baby name like “ta-tas”.  Breasts are Breasts are Breasts!

Thank you, this small rant is over. Have a great day 🙂