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So much as happened since my last post I’m not even sure where to start! lol

Death of a Laptop – I guess I should start by saying that my laptop is officially DEAD.  It sleeps with the fishes.  It is a 4-year-old HP that was given to me as a gift(new) for all of the hard work I was going at my job at that time working with high school students.  It has had several accidents over the years all of which involve the power supply.  I’ve had it repaired several times, and even though I know what is wrong with, it just doesn’t make sense to spend $100 to repair it when for $350-450 I can have a brand new machine that won’t give me half the problems this one has.  BUT that means going without a computer until Thanksgiving!  My sister is grudgingly sharing her laptop with me, but I need my own SOON lol

New Job – I worked 3 days last week, and I think I’m going to really enjoy it once I get into it a bit deeper.  It definitely allows me to use my OCD tendencies to their full potential!  I’ve never seen a book store in such chaos!  The last manager really messed up the lay outs and didn’t keep the employees on top of the “alpha by author” idea.  I just wish I had double the hours and double the money lol

Transportation – For the last two weeks my sister has been trying to buy a car.  She works for a very nice car dealership, and they give great employee discounts.  K discovered that her credit wasn’t nearly as bad as she though it was and got qualified for a loan.  We ended up using my mini-van as a trade in, on a 2011 Chevy HHR.  K is THRILLED, it is her first car bought in her name.  And since she works for a Chevy dealership she gets a good deal on service!  Since I was driving the trade-in I am now driving the Kia…better gas mileage, but I’ll miss the van lol

Mini-Van Terror – Thursday as I was driving to the dealership to hand over my beloved (slowly dying) van to my sister, it sounded like someone shot off a shot-gun behind my driver’s seat. Scared me! I started to slow down and about 30 seconds later the passenger side air bag exploded!!  I pulled over and got out, no leaking liquids or obvious damage to my car, and we have absolutely no clue what the first explosion was or what made the air bag deploy.    My next worry was that K was going to kill me because now the van wouldn’t be worth anything as a trade in.  It would cost more to replace the air bag than the van is worth lol She was able to work everything out and got to drive home her HHR friday 🙂

Damaged Dog – My Great Pyrenees foster(Stella) and my goofy collie mix Mac went walk-about Saturday & Sunday of last week.  They are two of my dogs who I have conceded may live outside the fenced yard. I have yet to find a way to keep Stella inside my fenced yard, and I decided it was better for her to be outside it than constantly making holes which allow all of the other dogs to escape through.  She likes to patrol the property and remind the coyotes who is really in charge.  She and Mac are never outside of voice control..usually.  Anyway, when she came home Monday morning she was covered in blood.  It unfortunately is not a first either.  I got her in the house and get her cleaned up so I could see where the blood was coming from because sometimes it’s not her blood…but there was a big gash in the loose skin of her neck.  I tried to clean it up, but she wasn’t going to have any part of it.  So I sprayed it good with antibiotic spray and put her in the yard so that I could catch her again when K got home and we could get it really cleaned up.

I open the door when K gets home to find Stella on the front porch and not in the yard…once again bloody.  Now the gash is U shaped with a flap of skin hanging down. I’m not sure if the flap was always there, but had been held in place by bloody fur or if she added to the injury getting out of the yard.  Called my vet, who I have a love/hate relationship with, and they reminded me that they wouldn’t stitch up a wound unless I knew for sure it had happened within the last 24 hours. Just based on the looks of it I guessed the damaged had been done sometime Saturday or Sunday. I spent two days trying to pack it and keep it clean, but to no avail.  Finally on Wednesday I loaded her up in the car and made the two hour drive to the Vet who works with our rescue, she is GREAT and gives us a MAJOR price break(unlike the 10% my vet gives me!!).  Once Dr. Gray was able to exam the wound we discovered that Stella had managed to impale herself on something.  we are guessing a T-post or a large branch because the wound track ran up her neck about 3-4 inches.  Which is why I was unable to keep it from getting infected.  I was only treating the visible wound.  We ended up cutting off the flap of skin and the Doc actually opened up a hole at the top of the wound track to let us irrigate the wound.  Here is a picture if you want to see us mid surgery, warning it is bloody!  So now Stella is spending her nights in the house(not very happily) and her days tethered out in the driveway until she is healed up.  We are trying to find a foster home with 6 ft. wooden fencing or even better cement/cinder block walls!

I’m sure there is other news, I just can’t think of it at the moment.  Until I’m able to get a new computer my posts will be a bit more sporatic…