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I have always had a love affair with TV.  TV was something very special in my house as a kid.  We didn’t have a TV in my early years and when we did get one it was very limited in both watching time and show options.  So I have been making up for it ever since 🙂

In my own defense, I have cut WAY back on my TV time over the last several years cutting my average down from 4 hours a day back down to 2.  It’s still a lot of TV…but I’m doing better!

One of the shows I watch is Mike & Molly…and I hate to admit it.  

I just finished watching the lastest episode online(I don’t watch much of anything in real time if I can help it! Online doesn’t have commercials!) I get frustrated with the show because it could do SO MUCH MORE than it does for fat people.  The first season there was more focus on Mike & Molly’s food issues and their attempts to lose weight…now as we are into the 3rd season we get less ‘issues’ that fat people struggle with and more fat jokes. Not to say that I don’t enjoy a good fat joke.  I think if you can’t poke a bit of fun at yourself you are losing something.  But it seems like there is a LOT more of the skinny people making fun of the fat people vs. the fat people making fun of themselves.  I’m not giving up on the show…but there are times when I just hate to admit I like love or even like it.

I know it’s a comedy, but even comedies deal with real life issues.  I’m hoping that now that they have introduced the idea of Mike & Molly having a baby they will start touching on a few more ‘real’ issues vs. just taking another crack at the fatties.