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I strongly dislike my next door neighbor.  I struggle not to use the word HATE.  He is a very stereotypical bully of a mom’s boy.  He and his family have lived next door for 7 years, and I just can’t like him.  He treats his wife and kids like dirt, yells at my dogs when they are only doing their job and barking at intruders, and is just an overall pain in the backside.

Now I enjoy the company of his wife, she is very sweet and long suffering.  His parents bought them the house, so she is really unable to do much about kicking him out for his abusive behaviors…many times I have dreamed about being able to buy the house from the In-Laws and allow A. to live there rent free under the basis that JD is never allowed on the property.  I know A would just at this 🙂

Originally our two properties were one.  My home was put in first, in the middle of the plot.  Then they split off the inside acre, and put a 2nd home in.  The end of my house and the end of theirs are only 20 feet apart..and together we have 3 acres of land!  Because of this split, they have an easement across my property to get to theirs.  So we pretty much share a driveway.

There are just a bunch of little things that drive me batty…and I know they probably shouldn’t, but they do anyway.  For example, about 10 minutes ago, he came barreling up the driveway, his windows down blaring some horrible rap music that no respectable person would listen to…in the 5 second blast I heard, I got the words F*** the B**** around the loud pounding bass line.  Of course my dogs start barking the second he hits the driveway…in my mind that is what they are suppose to do, bark at threats…and he is a threat.  He yells out the window at them “Shut the F*** up!” slams on his breaks, gets out, slams the truck door, slams the house door and repeats the process in reverse 2 minutes later. It’s midnight, on a school night.  There is no excuse for this kind of behavior.

I want to go and yell at him.  I want to go and threaten him.  By law I could put up a series of gates that would require him to stop and open & close them 2 or 3 times before he reached his house if I wanted to.  I only have to allow him access, I don’t have to make it easy.  But I bite my tongue, to say if not nice things at least polite things when he is around.  And I pray for the family..and for him.

A friend reminded me once, that just because I shouldn’t pray for bad things to happen to a person, there isn’t anything wrong with praying that good things will happen to them far far away!  So I pray that he will get a great job out of state, or win the lottery and buy a different house…and I pray for the wisdom and strength to someday be able to say I truly love my neighbor.