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I’ve been struggling with the reading a bit, it seems out of sync for some reason.  But I’m staying within a half day of reading with the correct date 🙂

I’ve always been able to create pictures in my head from the description of what I’m reading. It’s one of the reasons I love Gone with the Wind, and pretty much any book by the dearly departed Anne McCaffrey.  There is such detail in those books that you can picture the scenes down to the minor details.

Tonight as I was reading 2 Kings 16:10, I realized that for many of the verses I’m reading my own details in!  In 2 Kings 16:10 the King sees the altar of another god and sends a model and a drawing of the altar to the Priest so that he can make one just like it.  The picture in my head of was of the King using his smart phone to snap and send a picture. lol Way too much technology for this girl tonight lol