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The only proof I need about the existence of God and His love sleeps with me every night.  Curled, soft and warm, around my ankles sleeps Sparky.  Sparky is one of my ‘failed fosters’

Sparky, age 4 months

Sparky was suppose to be a short term, ‘easy to place’ rescue.  He was adorable as a puppy!  Some how he ended up being my little dog after my beloved Abbie, the Doxie, died.

I never planned to claiming Sparky as MY dog…but Sparky claimed me as HIS.  If given a choice he sleeps in my bed, protecting me from all the ills of the world, never leaving my side.  He even follows me into the bathroom, patiently curled up on the rug waiting for me to finish what ever ablutions I’m performing.

Sparky love me unconditionally, just like God loves me.  Even when I push him way, yell at him(or about him) or forget him, he is always there when I turn around with a small kiss and a wag of his tail.

Last night I forgot Sparky in the minivan. I know, I’m a bad Mom.  We are dog sitting for Honey, a Boston Terror Corgi mix.  I don’t want to put her out in the yard with my rescue fosters, so she is pretty much glued to me.  When she needs to go out, I either walk her on a leash, or I have a short tie-out that reaches past the front door so I can clip her to it, open the door and let her out, she can do her business and come right back in.

Last night about 11pm, I opened the door before I clipped her to the tie-out and away she ran. Of course it’s pitch black, I can’t see a thing and I’m not wearing pants…I run in the house to grab sweats and a flashlight and Sparky runs out with me. I opened the van door, Sparky jumped in and I closed the door, I didn’t want him to chase her further away. Sparky is pretty sure Honey is the Devil.

After 15 minutes, Honey came back on her own, I happily threw her into bed with my sister, and dropped into my own bed, turned on Pandora to the Tallis Hymns I fall asleep to, and dropped in to a weird dream kind of sleep.  At 5:30am when my cousin arrived home from work, and the dogs all barked HELLO! to her I woke up and realized that was what was wrong.  I had nothing curled up under the blankets with me!  Not once in the last 6 hours had I kicked Sparky as I turned from side to side.  I sat up and realize SPARKY IS STILL IN THE VAN!!!!

I got up, grabbed the key, because he is notorious for locking the doors, and sure enough, there he was patiently waiting for me to remember him. All was forgiven, he didn’t go and pout in the corner or run and hide from me.  He was excited to see me.

Sparky is like God, All Loving, All Forgiving, Forever Patient, Kind & Comforting