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I’m trying to catch up on my reading for the Bible in 90 days.  Last weekend of driving back and forth to Dallas twice made me fall behind, and I’m still struggling to catch up.
Tonight this verse jumped out at me.

The lazy person’s way seems overgrown by thorns,
but the path of the upright is a level highway. -Proverbs 15:19

Is this why my 30s seem to be so difficult?? In my head I don’t see myself as being truly lazy, but perhaps I am.  I spend more time than I want to admit filled with depression and anxiety which leads me to sleep much more than I should as a coping mechanism.

I have no motivation, failure is my companion, and it just gets worse as every time I challenge the idea that I am a failure, I fail in an even bigger way.  Perhaps this is due to my inability to fulfill the plans I always, deep down, thought God had for me…by my inability to stand up and challenge the status quo, and be different, in a truly different way(not just a geeky way).

Prayer is always needed, and it seems harder and harder to form the words.