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I must as admit that I haven’t done the reading for Days28 – 30 yet!  Life has gotten in the way, and I’m playing catch up.

Thought I had found my first major discrepancy in the Complete Jewish Bible(CJB)  On day 27, we read 1 Chronicles 12:40…BUT there seemed to be missing an entire section of the verse missing compared to the NKJV.  Luckily it finally clicked that perhaps the CJB added a verse rather than make 12:40 REALLY long. Sure enough, I expanded it out and there was a verse 12:41!

I’m reading extra each day and expect to be caught up by the end of the week.

Musings:  As a child I found David to be the ultimate Super Hero of the Bible, so many great battles and adventures.  As a young adult I thought of him as a bit of a whiner, but also a dreamer and poet.  Now as I have change demographics(GULP) I find David to be all of these things and a bit more.  I believe we, as readers, look for ourselves in the characters, both real & fictional. David shows us someone who we can relate to in most any stage of life.