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American Green Tree Frog in Attack Stance!!

As many Dogs, and their Humans, will tell you, there is a war going on against poor pups(and their Humans) waged by the evil forces of the Rodentia-Lagomorpha Alliance!  Those who don’t know about the evil RLA, should take it upon themselves to learn about the unholy union that has been forged by the Ninja Squirrels and the Antagonizing Rabbits.

Over the last few years in this long war, a new alliance has been quietly forming.  The Deadly, Aggressive, Stalking Green Tree Frogs of East Texas have banded with the RLA, to rain down terror and panic on Dogs, and their Humans(mainly ME).

Their Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) is that of the stalking kind.  They cling to the railings, storm doors and siding daring you to cross within striking distance.  They can sense the panic levels of their foe and advance in numbers sure to strike fear even into the hearts of the most fearless Canine Warriors(CW), and their slightly less courageous humans.

The tactic of our feared green opponent is that of time.  They can sit and stare for hours despite any movements or pleadings on our part.  The CW can howl and bark for hours and never get more then an eye blink.  Then comes their offensive!

They ATTACK!! That’s right, they attack.  They launch themselves through the air, arcing through the dusty haze to land on which ever CW, or Human,  is in reach, ready to kill, Kill, KILL!!  Luckily this battle zone has not lost a CW or a human yet, but the screams and cries of the attacked can be heard for miles around.

Every spring we live in fear that this will be the year the that the Deadly, Aggressive, Stalking Green Tree Frogs of East Texas claim one of our own.