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For the last several years Lone Star Pyrs & Paws Dog Rescue has attended the Dallas Pride Festival.  We have made it very clear that we hold no stance for or against homosexuality or gay marriage we have volunteers on both sides of the fence and sitting on it.  We hold the view that every man and woman has the right to adopt and love a dog 🙂 Last year we were able to adopt out 4 of our dogs and met some very lovely people.

This year funds are very tight, and I have been brainstorming trying to find ways to raise money for help cover food for our foster families.  This is normally something that the foster homes pay for themselves, but with so many people out of jobs it seemed like a good idea to help cover some of the expenses. Especially for homes that have more than one foster dog.

After looking at Sunbonnet Sue quilt top,  and looking at the center ‘friendship/best friends’ square with the two girls holding hands the comment “That’s the lesbian square” was made; and a new project was born!!

These are 24 inch square quilted wall hangings!

Bright Tropical colors & a great little dog!

Soft Pastels with a wedding theme (I see it with little tiny crystals embellishing the white shoes and the hat bands)


Sam in a basic pastel rainbow

Dramatic red & black with an embroidered border

We will be offering customized colors and designs with add-ons like names and special embroidery and crystals.  Of course we will offer the traditional sam & sue hanging well for the hetero among us 🙂 These are considered a “Donation Gift” so the purchase price is tax deductible!We are happy to accept internet orders, just drop me a message or comment here.  We are also happy to accept checks, money orders, cash, or Credit/Debit cards through PayPal.