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My sister K, & I have had an amazing run of luck at an estate sale!  the sister of a family friend passed away last year.  She was a VERY crafty person, you name it she probably bought and tried it at least once!  Quilting, crochet, knitting, beading, sewing, etc etc etc.

Her family is not crafty.  They need the two huge rooms filled with her treasures GONE so that her niece and her expanding family can utilize the space.  This means GREAT deals. So I have to share…Check out the pictures over here!

Not pictured are 2 big boxes of quilting, knitting and cross stitch magazines, Two 3-rung quilt racks, a Grace Co. Quilt Frame(expands to a King, we think, can’t get to it yet!), a 3 panel-flannel covered planning board (they thought it was an weird ironing board!) and about 45 yards of quilting cotton.  Oh, and an American Girl – Chrissa.

When we first went and looked last Sunday, We found out that they had been selling her quilts for $20 a piece!  I hate unethical people.  The people who bought the quilts knew that the family didn’t know the value of those quilts and took advantage of it.  There were only about 6 quilts left and a dozen or so BEAUTIFUL afghans.  I priced the quilts for her and made her promise not to sell them for $20 again.  I’m just sick that someone walked off with at least $2500 worth of hand made, artisan quilts for $200…and they knew it!

They wouldn’t let us pay for fabric, they were happy to just get it gone, they included all of the little completed quilt block too!  Hopefully by now you have gone through the pictures and saw treasure trove that came home with us.

I’m so excited about all of the amazing things we are going to be able to make! And I LOVE having more resource books!

So now I get to tell you the AMAZING part!  Since K & I helped them price some of the stuff they didn’t have a clue about, they let us have all of it for $245!!  We tried to pay more, but they were so excited about sending a who truck load out with us, and knowing what better prices were, they were happy to give us an “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH” moment…