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For the last two weeks I have been spending about 30 minutes a day, on the reading challenge.  Since I’m using a new (to me) translation, I am going back and forth between the Complete Jewish Bible, and my ever-ready New King James.  This last week I haven’t turned to the NKJV much, but more to a Hebrew translator for when I run across a word I don’t really know.

I find it amazing how quickly I pick back up the Hebrew that I have learned over the years!

Today’s reading left me intrigued about things that probably don’t matter,  but I did a lot of flipping back and forth tonight!  Reading in Numbers 4, it talks about how the tabernacle was to be packed up and moved.  I remember from my childhood that everything was covered in Badger skins, but the CJV says “fine leather”.  Sure enough, modern Hebrew scholars say the original Hebrew is talking about seal leather that was used for special occasions and fine apparel.

Further on in verse 13 the CJV says that Aaron & his sons were to remove the “greasy ashes” from the alter.  NKJV just says ashes.  So far I’m enjoying the additional depth that the CJV gives without really changing anything important.

Chapter 5 brought us withered private parts.  Talking about a woman who is sleeping around, but hasn’t been caught, but the husband is jealous/suspicious.  She is taken before the Priest and essentially she is cursed, and if she doesn’t admit to cheating, but is her “private parts shrivel and your stomach swell”.  While this gives a pretty unattractive visual, the NKJV says it will “make your thigh rot and your belly swell”.  Just not the same thing.

Just something a bit different.