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I’ve always found Leviticus intriguing.  It is essentially a rule book for behavior.  Here is what you shouldn’t do, and what the consequence will be if you break that rule.

I’ve always found it funny how we as Christians, ALL denominations, even my own, pick and choose which laws we follow and which ones are held high.  I’ll pick on my own group since we do it too. As Adventists we can get a bit ‘holier than thou’ when it comes to Old Testament laws and such.

We follow the dietary laws regarding clean and unclean food, we follow the 10 commandments as they are written, we keep Sabbath, and for some(NOT ALL) that is a matter of pride.  Yet, All of the sexual ‘do nots’ are listed together, include in them are Homosexuality, Bestiality & Adultery.   Adultery has become accepted, Bestiality swept under the rug, but Homosexuality is open season.

Protesters again Homosexuality

According to Leviticus the penalty for all of these are death, most of them by stoning, a couple by fire.  Yet the one that Mainstream Christianity has held on to is Homosexuality.  On a side note I find it personally interesting that for Bestiality it is noted for both male and female, but for Homosexuality men are named alone.  I also find it interesting that prostitution is not listed in the ‘do nots’ it is only mentioned that fathers are not to pimp out or sell their daughters into prostitution and that Cohens/Priests are not not marry them.

This post isn’t about my views on any of these subjects, I’m sure I’ll share them over the next few weeks 🙂 Just a look at how we pick and choose what we focus on.  As the song goes “Things that make you go Hmmm”…