An amazing post about a rescue dog, and why you should adopt not shop!

Adventures at Run A Muck Ranch

{September 18, 2012} This original post was titled “What Slugger’s Acceptance Speech Would Have Been” and was written when Slugger fell off the leader board in the Internet Voting segment of the Arizona’s Favorite Dog Contest.

Golly if Slugger didn’t win AZ Dog of the Year!  So, here is the same speech, edited as his acceptance speech.  The speech itself is the same, only this intro has changed.   Hopefully Slugger’s message will make it into AZ Foothills Magazine in it’s article about him.

Thank you for choosing a mutt over the purebreds.  Since all previous winners have been purebreds, your choice goes to show that Arizona realizes it is time for a change.

Slugger is collateral damage from the long-standing belief that purebreds are the most acceptable dogs.   He is the genetic garbage left over from a process that began with an individual or individuals who treated their dogs as their personal ATM machines, breeding for money…

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