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It’s National Dog Day!!  I currently live with 13 dogs but my main pal is Sparky.  He is a Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix who is just over a year old.  Last year I sent my sister, K, out to an Adoption event with two of our foster dogs in the hopes that she would find adopters for them and would come home alone.  Alas, she came home with THREE dogs instead.  Here is a picture of my little buddy back then 🙂 Image  P.S. Don’t touch his monkey!

But today, we had a problem…I was working on my quilt pattern and some how the main fabric of my quilt got left on the couch.  I take total responsiblity, the human left the fabric where the dog could get it…BUT some dog, the guilty looking one, chewed a hole thru several layers of it. Luckily I can cut around the damaged part…but the Guilt just looked too darn cute not to share lolImage