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Okay, I must admit that I didn’t read Day 5 on Day 5.  I read Day 5 and half of Day 6, on Sabbath (Day 6) and this morning I read the rest of 6 and all of Day 7 so I am once again caught up!

I’m not really having an issue getting the reading done, but I have found a problem with using an online Bible.  The temptation to jump back and forth between the reading and what ever else pops into my head is very strong!  For example today the the middle section of the book of Job.  At one spot Job says “the rocks spring forth with streams of olive oil” and all of a sudden my brain goes into overdrive “olives sound GOOD… do olive trees grow in Texas? Could I can my own olives? Black olives have become so expensive.” I almost opened a new tab to start searching for the answers!  I was able to resist and finish my reading, but it took me a minute or two to get focused again, and I had to re-read about 15 verses.

After I finished I did search and discovered that Yes, you can grow olives here in Texas.  There is actually a booming market for Texas olive oil!  Yes, I can cure and can my own olives 🙂  Since now is actually harvest time for olives I’m currently trying to track own some fresh, uncured olives.  If you know of anyone with olive trees in the Eastern Half of Texas I would be happy to help them harvest if I can take my pay in olives!  Or if you know of any orchards who might be willing to donate fresh olives to our non-profit dog rescue, send them my way!  we would love to use them in our fund raising 🙂