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Well after 18 hours of treating, scrubbing, bleaching & sunning here are the final results.  I have light brown water mark staining on 3 of the top blocks and 2 of the bottom.  One of the Sues got a spot of bleach on her Bonnet just as I was putting in the wash to rinse so there was some minor color loss that I’m told you won’t notice until I point it out to you.  Also got a spot of bleach on two of my brown stripes, but I think those can easily be covered with a brown sharpie lol  Here is a picture of the most bizarre damage though!

A chunk of fabric is just GONE!

Here are the other pictures I took.  The sun is VERY bright here in East Texas today 🙂 This won’t be the show off piece I had planned for it to become, but it will still be loved and have a special place somewhere!

A feel of what it looks like with the chocolate brown sashing

beige-y/tan marks along the sashing and around the feet & skirt


More water & mildew damage