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After a very restless night, I tuned up some soft hymns off of Pandora and dived into my morning reading.  Today I mainly read out of the Complete Jewish Bible(CJB) I’m finding that it keeps me more focused because I have to translate the names into the English ones that I’m use to using.  I did compare the first couple of chapters back to the NKJV and so far they are on the same track.

Today’s reading took me though the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah, The births of Ishmael & Issac, and the deaths of Sarah & Abraham. I’m was struck at how much questioning Abraham did of God but was still counted as faithful and was honored by God to be the Father of a multitude.

I struggle with the idea of perfection and correctness.  If I’m going to bother doing something I want to make sure it is done correctly.  There is a right and wrong way to do something, black and white.  This applies to everything from religion to cleaning to quilting.  It makes me crazy to hear people say “it’s good enough”…NO, either it is done correctly, perfectly, or it is wrong/bad!

Yet here is Abraham laughing at God about having a baby with his old wife, and making deals/bargaining with Him. Those aren’t the actions of a good believer, are they??  Yet he became of the Father of the Nations… definitely something to meditate and study on!