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I made two horrifying discoveries today, one after another.

Horror #1 – I decided to pull out the Sun Bonnet Sue quilt top I finished last year to  start my quilting design for it.  I went into my bedroom to pull it off the desk where it has been sitting for the last 12 months to discover an over turned water bottle behind it and a quilt top with very obvious mold stains on half the blocks!! Apparently sometime last fall between having major surgery and evacuating from wild fires one of my dogs or cats (most likely a dog chasing a cat) knocked over one of my ever present water bottles and it leaked without my noticing…although to be honest I was so sick and tired they probably could have set it on fire and I wouldn’t have noticed until now.

My first and only run at applique machine or hand! 


The Center Square of my Quilt Top. I think it only fitting that I hold hands with my friend 🙂

Horror #2 – I went to my computer to see if I could pull up the pictures I took of the completed top to discover that ALL of my quilt pictures on Facebook have disappeared and so have the ones on my hard drive! I’m assuming one of the numerous issues and subsequent system back dates to the laptop are to blame.  I was able to find a couple of pictures I took of the blocks laid out without the sashing. The finished top has 1 inch brown sashes around each block.  I’ve made 3 big quilts and a dozen baby quilts…I’m just sick that I don’t have my pictures.  Did it even happen if you don’t have pictures to prove it???

I’ve got the top soaking right now in some OxyClean…just hoping it works.  It mainly seems like it is the white backgrounds that look icky.  If the OxyClean doesn’t work I may be able to go in with a Bleach Gel Pen and get the remainder of the stains.

Say a little prayer for my quilt top!!